Where to meet professional, hard working guys?

Since I am an educated, professional girl myself, I am mostly attracted to men with careers or those that at least have this potential. It is difficult to find single guys like this though, because we are all working hard and have our noses to the grind stone. What is the best way to overcome this? Where do I meet a guy like me? Any ideas would be helpful!


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  • That's my son's issue as well. He is the youngest by far at his office at an F20 company. I asked him to try match. Com and he will do okcupid as well in January. two VPs on my staff had good luck on match and one of them got married in Oct. they were older though than my son so we will see. i would guess each city also has some nice bars for professionals. A nice wine bar or a place with $10 glasses of wine would be a natural hurdle to keep it to a higher level.

    • Yeah I've tried match, etc, but it is a little creepy on the girl's end of things. You do not know who you are really meeting, and then after you meet a guy if you don't want to date him he knows who you are and can harass you, etc (I've had a little problem with this). So I decided to stop. Would be good for a guy though, haha! I like the wine bar idea, that is a good one. Thanks!

    • Good luck! It will work out.

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  • Educated, professional girl can't figure out where to meet educated, professional men.

    Educational level? Questionable.

    • well I've tried mutual friends, meeting people at work, groups for young professionals, dating sites, etc and nothing has panned out. I'm trying to think out side the box. Just thought maybe someone else would have a good idea I hadn't thought of. And if you did not automatically assume the worst or even thought about it for a moment before making a judgement you might have figured that out. Just saying.

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    • That’s true, I knew that was a possibility but it is uncommon for people to say “you’ve your” so I thought it more likely a typo. Especially since you left out some letters here and there. And also because I didn’t think it was smooth in that sentence.

      No, logical is not always the same as common sense. Sometimes what people say is most logical turns out not to be true and falls flat on it’s face.

      What I’m trying to say is, I could go to events, online date, etc and then in the midst of all that, meet someone on the street when I least expect. It’s not that hard of a concept, you are putting way too much effort into it. Same thing with making friends or meeting anyone. I don’t go out of my way to make friends, I just talk to people through my life and come across those whom I like. It’s a similar concept.

    • I do not leave out letters my keyboard is just crap. As for your opinion on how I write/type... don't care. If you are to correct me make sure you're actually correct rather than this false pissing contest that you simply won't win any decade soon.

      Now then!

      "No, logical is not always the same as common sense. Sometimes what people say is most logical turns out not to be true and falls flat on it’s face.", you are aware that common sense (heuristics) is a form of logic and that often the most dubious if not worthless type of logic is called "common sense" right? You know, the whole "Common sense ain't common!" bit where people rag on how obvious things aren't implemented and whatnot. Blah, blah, blah knowledge. Basically that makes no sense.

      From my vantage point thus far I'm not sure you understand what anyone is saying since you don't seem to be banking on anything. I don't think you think very well... :(

  • On Linkedin.

    • It's funny because I was just thinking about that and looking around on linkedin... the question then is, how do you get to know that person... linked in wasn't meant for that!

    • Depends whether you are looking for networking or a relationship. But since your choices are limited networking can lead to relationship and vice versa.

  • If you work near the CBD there have to be some busy places people go for after work drinks.

    • That's possible.. I don't think about things like that because I don't drink but totally makes sense. Thank you for your helpful opinion, Mr. master instead of making rude remarks like the "guru" did! haha :)

  • construction site...

    • lol.. I'm going to guess you maybe work at a construction site :)

    • No... You said your looking for hard working pros not less working more thinking business man... ehm ehm...

    • hahaha, way to take me literally! I should have picked up on that but it is the end of the year and my mind is zapped :)

  • At your University.

    • I'm not in school anymore; anyways I tried that and it didn't work at all..

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    • Try online dating.

    • I have but it's a little creepy... guys now know who I am and some won't leave me alone. I'm kinda wishing I hadn't done it now!

  • clubs, groups...

    or friends who know others in this mold, etc.

    • Yeah I've been thinking about that. I've tried that a little but need to do more and maybe it will eventually work.

    • i'm not a woman but i think the same, but i'm looking at clubs to join and stuff... these are mostly charities, so in 2015 i will try and use this as one way to meet women.

      i'm like you, I like people who have goals/career, so you're on the right track.

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  • Sometimes in a nice casual restaurant or nice cocktail social gatherings. Even mutual friends. As a last resort then do professional dating sites.

    • I wish I could meet them through a mutual friend, but most of them are single too, and the guys they know are all married.. haha!

    • Lol wow haha. Awe shucks then. That's how I met my guy was through a mutual friend years ago but we became friends then started dating

    • maybe one of them will eventually meet someone that they can pass on, there is always hope! lol

  • At your job
    At an engineers office area

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