Girls wow be honest?

I used to be 21 and was dating a 18 year old. She'd always be the one hinting she wanted sex (touching me, sending me pics, dirty talking) but in the end she said she was a virgin and wanted to wait. I like a gentlemen waited and waited up until it was our 10th month together. That specific date/night i tried sexing her and she got pissed/dumped me. Today she's now in college and is now 21. we been ON/OFF many times so you can bet she's most likely seen other people. The thing is she now has tattoos and a tongue piercing and talks dirty and dresses revealing just totally not the same girl she was once at 18. She still claims she's a virgin but i don't believe it.

Do you think she's a virgin or has at least tried oral? she once jokingly said "i will suck your d" but then once i tried to plan it she backed away


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  • I'm sure this girl is no longer a virgin. For a girl to playfully or jokingly say, "I'll suck your dick." obviously wants to have sex. If she was even telling the truth about being a virgin (previously), she most likely is not now.


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