What the actually hell is going on?

A few weeks ago i went on a date with this marine i met. We clicked immediately. He was from Ohio but lives on the base near where i live and is stationed there for the next 3 years. He deploys in 3 months for 6 months over seas. He has three very close friends. One that has been out to get him and trash talks about me. The other two are a married couple who even called me personally to say how much this guy likes me and that he really needs a girl to hang out with. Before Christmas we had a huge fight. He admitted that he was wrong and he was an ass. He went through a lot to get me to talk to him again. He then came for Christmas (which i invited him) he was great with my family and I. But I knew he was worried that he was deploying and we both have busy schedules but that he was really liking me This last Sunday he and I were texting and planned to hang out this weekend. Monday i text him and he told that he really really needs just a friend right now but he wanted to see where tbis leads but to text him anytime and that he really is worried about field ops and his deployment and did not want to hurt me but he was shocked that i didn't freak out at him. (Which i thought would be immature to do) After our big fight the two weeks previous i deleted his fb. Last night my phome dumped some phone number so i messaged and asked his again. Which he gave to immediately but said sorry i am asleep i have to get up at 4 am which is not uncommon for him. This morning at 7am he text and said hey i can't find you on Facebook try to find me and add me (insert full name here) i did try and told him it may have blocked me on his side of fb. Replied with 'ok'. 7 hours later nothing I'm confused. Am I his friend? Is he conflicted? Or was i let down easy?


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  • He's being deployed soon and you two were already fighting, draw your own conclusions.


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