Life? in general please help me?

So like I love meeting people and espcially girls but I struggle sometimes when I hang with them or meet them like after a while of talking with them I start to like them but my problem I have a hard time talking to like I am nervous please help...



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  • I'm a 17 year old girl and I find that when you compliment us.. that's the way to our hearts lol.

    I get told about 10 times a day (mostly by women) "you have the prettiest eyes" or "your eyes are so rare!". Once, a guy in my class told me I have really cool eyes and he thought they were very beautiful.. I was blushing for a week straight I swear.

    Little things like that. If she has nice hair, tell her she has nice hair. If you like her earrings, say it! We love it when a nice, kind guy says something sweet to us :)

    • Thanks and hope we can text on here if I have any questions do u think saying that to any girl it will work

    • yes, it will work on any girl. Just say something nice about the way she looks. :)

    • Ok so when I approach a girl that I like of maybe wanna date or something I ahoul go up nd compliment her about her eyes then what?

  • Just be yourself! I know that sounds super cliche but girls love it when you're comfortable being yourself and if they don't like you then move on. But never EVER change for anyone. Always be you.

    • thanks hun hope I can do that if I have any more questions I will let u know

    • Of course! Any time you need someone to talk to feel free to message me I'm always here!

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