Is my friend right when he says many girls think I'm cute or like me or would date me if I asked but nothing happens because I never ask?

Is he right? If so, what can I do to overcome my fear of approaching, talking to people and asking. I can approach and talk at social events or interest groups etc now as I forced myself to do it but I can't take things further with women yet.

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  • He is likely so.

    There is nothing you can do to "overcome" the fear. You either do it or don't.


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  • Doesn't matter what he says. Go for it. Life is too short

  • I say at least give it a try women love men with confidence thats a very attractive quality :)

    • I don't know what to say half the time

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    • But I'm always worried that is the says no, she'll tell all her friends and it will be awkwar whenever I see her too.

    • Don't worry about that easier said than done bt u never know unless u try do u always want to sit back and think what if or regret not talking. at least u will know bc not knowiknowing can definitely nag at u. Ok say its awkward its only awkward if u make it. U sound like a nice guy but u have to have the confidence to make your self seen and put yourself out there if u are ready to date every one has to from time to time :)

What Guys Said 1

  • See there's one thing that is attraction no girl cares for good looks if she is attracted to you and vice versa here it doesn't mean that good looking isn't important like girls don't get attracted to sick looks

    So meant to say that ur friends can tell you how you look and about girls he might be teasing you
    If you like girl just say to her no bomb will burst on you

    • How do you tell her? What do you say?

    • We first kept staring each other then after few days she asked for notes and i gave her and asked her number and said that i will call you when I need notes she said ok after few days our daily chatting started that's all

    • Though she is not my gf but a simple friend