Guys: How would you feel if you got a text that said "you broke my heart"?

to be his girlfriend, but suddenly stopped talking to me without any goodbye or explanation.

I think about him all the time.. last night I got too drunk and well that happened. i also said you were the first boy i ever cuddled with and you were special to me (which is true, im 22)


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  • I'd feel really really bad... I'm such a wuss.

  • I'd definitely be saddened regardless of my relationship status.

  • I'd think you were trying to manipulate me back into a relationship. I'd feel sad for you, but pissed off too.

    • no not trying to manipulate at all. i got drunk and my feelings just took over and i texted him

    • i also said i hadn't kissed anyone since him which was about 7 months ago

    • Going to be direct with you and say what you need to hear.

      It doesn't matter how he might feel. He isn't with you. So you have to move on, for your own sake. If you continue to dwell on him, you will be miserable. You need to make it a priority to start meeting and dating other men. That's the best medicine for you.

  • It would make me sad even if I didn't have feelings for the girl anymore it would suck to know that this girl who I once had a thing for was super upset about me so ya it would bother me and it would honestly make me think about going back to her so it may work out for you :)

    • what if he has a girlfriend?

    • I think I'd still feel a little bad just because I did care about that person unless this dude was kind of scummy he probably will be at least a little rattled by you telling him that.

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