Should I just give up on this guy and move on?

so i met this guy on a dating app (classy, right?). for probably about a week we texted back and forth until we set up a date. it went fine (i guess?), and we kept talking and texting, but a lot less frequently. i would text him, and he wouldn't reply for days, or reply once and then ignore my answer back to him.
so i started getting tired of waiting around for him to answer me, and asked straight-up if he didn't want to talk to me anymore (probably not the smoothest move, but…). he said no, but continued to take days to reply to my texts. then after about a month, he asked me to hang out with him and meet his friends. i did, i had a good time, etc. i figured him wanting me to meet his friends was a good thing, even though we'd only actually met in person once before?
so anyway, we're back to him taking forever to reply to me, and i'm really tired of it, but i don't really want to give up on him, but this whole situation just stresses me out. he says he's really shy, and i think he might have ADHD, and i don't know if either could contribute to this... i don't know what to do or what's even really going on
tl;dr this guy takes hours, sometimes days to reply to my texts, but when i ask if he doesn't want to talk to me anymore, he says no. i only see him like once a month, and text probably once a week. what's up with that?


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  • Honestly he might just have a lot going on. I know that I personally, as an introvert (shy) can take days or even up to a week to reply someone's calls or texts. But if it really bothers you, tell him and if it doesn't change then you should just move on because your personalities might not be the best suited for each other.

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