Asked an innocent Girl out, finds her incredibly intimidating side?

So I asked a really nice girl out and we started dating, Inevitable I see some pictures on Facebook of her.
Suddenly I get this feeling like she's out of my league and I'll admit she looks amazing in the pictures and I can't help but feel intimidated

I know in real life, she is sweet and innocent but gosh my understanding of this girl is being bashed around.

I would appreciate any input or responses
I don't exactly know what i'm asking but I need help with something


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  • She is probably out of your league. Don't fuck it up.


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  • You are afraid that the girl you know is not what she seems to be? I'll say please only believe in the girl in real life. Girls can do a lot of things with photos, like lighting and stuff, which could make great changes. But you should take notice of her stuffs on social networks, although that may not be the real her, but what she posts are likely to be what she wants herself to be...

  • She may look great but as u said she's a sweet girl. Don't be intimidated, just accept she's only human too

    • thanks for bringing me back down to earth haha

  • Firstly, congratulations on bagging a beautiful girl. Now what you need to do is grow a little balls.
    She wouldn't be dating you if she didn't like you.
    Stop being so insecure and make her feel appreciated before another man starts doing your job.


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  • If you're dating her, why did it take you seeing pictures on Facebook in order to be able to fully comprehend her beauty?

    I'm just curious.

    • okay well she's really pretty in real life, but she presents herself as sweet in front of me
      whereas in pictures she looks like super outgoing party girl, which is where i get confused

    • Oh OK, so you saw a different side of her there that you haven't seen yet?

      Honestly man, I wouldn't worry too much about it. She's dating you now so she must like what she's seem this far. Just be your real, authentic self and let the cards fall where they may.

    • thanks, man
      this helps a lot

  • Never judge a book by its cover.

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