How to beat the player?

So basically I went on a date with a guy who seemed super confident and I could see he was a player.
After our coffee date he drove me to work and I was like well I bet he won't contact me because he was a typical player.
Than at work I get a text where he asked me to go to dinner at his place. I hesitated but said yes to give it a try
I went to his place.. same day as date one. I got a another impression a better one but still had my guards up. It did go well and we laughed and had a great time and he kissed me and drove me home

The next day I wrote him thank you for yesterday and the dinner. Have a happy new years. And he replied with thanks the same and happy new years :)

And that was it. . I'm not planning to text him because he is the type of guy that I think has a lot of confidence and his ego is high so I don't want to chase him.

Should I just see I'f he contacts me? I mean the guy wanted to meet twice in one day so he knows how to reach out to a girl he likes.

How can I make him chase me? I don't like to be needy

I texted him to be polite and it was a short and quick message so I didn't leave a " marry me" impression


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  • What makes him a player? Because he has confidence?
    For some reason women think I'm a player which is so far from the truth. I chase and women make it hard, act distant and aloof and often I give up if I don't get shown interest from her, because after you chase women for a while and get rejected because they think you may be a player, you learn to stay away from women who make you work all the time for them. If you don't show him you like him he will move on.
    It's supposed to go: he likes you so he gives you attention. You like him so you give him attention. You guys get to know each other and if then you see signs of him being a player (aloof, always busy, distant and disrespectful ect) then you walk away.
    What I see happening is he likes you and has made effort. You go along with it but show little interest. He will realize you must not like him much and move on. He has little choice when you don't show intrest. Most guys have experienced chasing a woman, trying to get her to like you or show intrest, and in the end she flakes or tells you off because she doesn't like you and 'you should have known' from the 'lack of intrest'. So you realize chasing women is a waist of time and effort.
    If you like this guy show him. You don't have to throw yourself at him. But DO show him intrest or he will become the guy who you liked, who walked away (player or not).
    Tell him you had a really great time and want to see him again. Nothing wrong with that. He will then want to see you again and great. Look for actual signs of a player but go for it.
    The thing about players is they know how to chase so that's not going to stop them. The thing about non-players is if you make it about chaseing you will loose them. So the chase only works against you.

    • I agree with you but the thing is that he said he wasn't the boyfriend material guy.. and it's weird because I didn't mention wanting bf.
      So from that I assume he is a player. I liked him and he from his actions seemed to like me. I sent a thanks message to show him that i am interested but not desperate.
      So now I'f he is into me the ball is in his court and he will reach out. I believe he is a confident enough to go after what he wants because he asked me out twice in one day. So I'f he is interested he will contact me and I don't want to be the needy girl

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    • And saying "I had a great time and want to do it again" will in no way present you as needy.

    • I mean he did get out of a rel two months ago. But ill wait a few days, im busy anyways for a week now so. Maybe just wait and see.

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  • "how to beat the player" simple "YOU MASTER THE GAME" learn the DO'S and the DONT'S ^^

    • But am I right by what I said? Don't go after him and let him ask me out again because he was a very confident man

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    • But we have been on two dates on the same day
      I think I showed interest by texting him thanks so that's enough don't you think? Ball in his court

    • sorry for misreading what you wrote about 2 dates in the same day and yea you should be good then ^^

      right now the ball is being passed at least if i was that guy... ball would be in his court if you were the clingy type but you're playing it cool and so is he.. "you're the #1 girl on his list, if he's the player type anyway" so your safe and keep it up

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  • Guys like this are hard to impress
    And they usually go after every girl they see