Why does my friend always try to set me up with the worst guys?

My friend and I have been down for years but I'm annoyed with the fact that she is always trying to introduce me to some friend of the loser she's fucking at the moment. I have told her repeatedly "do NOT mention me or try to set me up with any more of these dudes." But last night she was on the phone with some guy talking about me saying "my girl said she needs somebody to talk to" insinuating that me and his friend should meet up

I get mad because this girl has never dated a quality man in her life. They're almost always felons, career criminals, thugs, or players, or guys who just use her for sex and don't respect her. And she thinks it's a good idea to introduce me to their friends? In the past I did go on a few dates or give my number to a few of these guys so I know for a fact they're not about shit. Sometimes I think she uses me to attract more guys anyway.

Guys and girls, why can't my friend drop her compulsive habit of setting me up with losers?


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  • your friend just seems to be doing this to make sure you dont get anyone good. maybee even better then what she's personally has now. :/ time to change friends dude.

    • Yeah you're right. Because when I do meet a guy who generally has his stuff together she is quick to find fault in him that's crsxy.

      I could be talking to a guy who works in an office and has no criminal record, but if it takes him "too long" to call me back she'll make comments like he's prob with some other bitch. But a guy with no legal job who's running from child support payments will get all the excuses in the world from her I can't believe it took me so long to see that

    • thanks for MHO first of all :) my advice from here now on is that you try to talk with your friend. but she seems quite arrogant. so my advice would be to actually cut her off from your life directly. no contact or what so ever. good luck bro.

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  • She's projecting. Time to move on from this "friend."

  • people who are the type to ALWAYS be in a relationship with somebody at all times, usually want the same for others.

    Does your friend think you don't date enough?

  • Well, maybe go out and find your own guys?

    Or start a band?


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