Im 48 years old and would love to start dating and find my future partner in life. why do guys want to chill and hangout? r they looking for sex?

first off i already chill and hang out at home. but i get a lot of guys asking me to chill and hangout. is there a different meaning to this? or am i just passing up a lot of boring guys lol?

lmao you girls are adorable lol. is your dad single jk anyway i got a 4 year old if im gonna sit at home watching tv i do that but i dont want to. bike ride either yikes. but dont guys take road trips or site see or even the movies i guess but honestly its the younger guys asking to chill and hangout. i figure they dont have cars dont have jobs or just think they going to get lucky. sorry if im sitting at home my son is here too. why would i want to go somewhere else a chill if i dont know them?


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  • Guys around that age still like to chill, hang out, do things together, and of course have sex. But they may not be up for making it a permanent bond, at least not right away. So you will probably have a hard time finding a guy who will want to commit real quickly.

    Being single and having a 4 year old child brings up some questions about you that would have to be answered to fully evaluate your situation and answer that.

    But in general, we like to share time with people, especially women, and would also like to be with a special someone. Your child would impinge at least somewhat, but is not necessarily a deal breaker (lots of us like kids, just realizing that they need a lot of attention at that age.


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  • Exactly how much do you expect a man to invest in time, money, effort, and other resources, to land a chick who's past her prime fertility window and comes with the extra obligations of having a child already? I'd let her suck my dick, but that'd be about it.

    • You underestimate that lots of men WANT a woman who isn't fertile because that enables them to be in a relationship in which they can have sex without a condom. Also, they don't necessarily want to deal with kids (although that can be fine too), but just want the companionship and stability of an older woman. There's a lot less drama and there can be a rather deep connection.

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    • @srslyly I wasn't answering her question. I was commenting about your assertion on fertility windows. Sure, lots of men who want kids won't pursue a woman who is "past her prime fertility window", but there are also oceans of men who don't want to deal with the issues of a fertile woman - that's my point.

    • @vjreejr
      You don't need to mention a user when commenting under that user's opinion. They will get a notification that thee is a comment on their opinion.

      I didn't say anything to suggest that I thought your statement was an answer to her question, and for you to point out to me that you were not calls your comprehension skills into serious question.

      I made a clarifying point about the subject of her question in order to explain why my original response to it is fitting.

      I'm not sure if you meant to concede my entire point, as your own characterizations of men who "won't pursue a woman who is 'past her prime fertility window'" and men who "don't want to deal with the issues of a fertile woman" effectively does.

      I don't believe that there are many men who will provide the traditional courtship this asker is seeking. She can take a man into an equal relationship without requiring him to jump through hoops, or she can remain single. What do you think?

  • I don't date single mothers. Too much baggage


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  • Maybe they aren't into the whole bar scene and want to watch a movie or something low key, ie. they might be the boring guys you refer to.
    I do work with an older woman (mid to late 40s early 50s) and she dates a lot but she is very active and they bike riding and hiking and all this. I don't know where she meets them, but maybe thats the type of guy you're looking for, and should start looking into groups/clubs that do those kinds of things.

  • Guys in your age group are pretty much over the sex hysteria.
    So yeah, they want to watch football, wax the car, and fix stuff.
    That's my dad to a T.