Ladies never chase a guy? What would you do?

I have always been a bit afraid of dating. I am afraid of the pain and getting hurt so i just dont do it. But here the other day on Tuesday i was asked to go meet a guy for coffe.
I said yes but at the same time i was dying inside, i was scared and i was nervous.

I managed to keep it together and i met him and it went well, we talked and laughed and it was all fun and easy.
He drove me to work and we said goodbye.

Than after few hours i get a text where he invistes me to his place for dinner after work.
I was suprised, nervous, afraid but i took my chance.

I went over and it went great, no akwardness, simple, fun and laughter. He even cuddled and kissed me. But he joked about me being a good girl and randomly said im not the boyfriend material guy, and it just shocked me.. because im not a good girl but i respect myself.. he can't just assume i want a boyfriend. He and his ex broke up 2 months ago.. so that was a red flag for me,, but he was so much fun to be with.

He drove me home, and kissed me twice and i thanked him for everything.

Yesterday i sendt him a simple, "hey just wanted to thank you for last night and for the food (master chef) , have a happy new years :)
He replied with saying "Thanks the same :) happy new years"

Than i went all crazy girl mode and analyzed it all. I want to meet him but i dont want to seem needy and ask the day after lets meet again.. and also i got a bit upset because he didn't say anything about meeting either.

I dont want to initiates things and get rejected..


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  • I would still give it a day or two to see if he contacts you. If not, no harm on sending one "let's do it again" text, if no reply then write it off.

    I find it a bit discouraging that he didn't suggest "hey let's do it again" even in passing. In my experience, not even a hint of wanting to meet up usually means they won't. Exceptions to every rule, of course.

    Good luck :)

    • I know but i mean he did ask me out again the same day... its so hard :( thats why i dont date.. i try to not think about it

    • I know, and we never really know what they think or why they are thinking it. Always blame ourselves when something doesn't work out when in reality I am not sure it ever really directly involves us.

      Hang in there!

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  • Go for it, just say "I had a great time last night, we should do something again soon". It makes the guy feel good that you show him you want to hang out yourself.

  • If he can't assume you wanted a boyfriend, then why you wasn't turned off when he cuddled and kissed you and how come you agreed to meet him for the first time?

  • Go for him. You don't want to be alone because he thought you weren't interested. Good things come to those who try. Not waiting as people will have you believe.


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  • i think you should initiate something fun and inexpensive to do that way you can find out just how much of himself that he is willing to give in to you and if he's as interested in you as you are in him. and if not then who cares if he rejects you because its better to know ypu didn't miss out on something with the guy than always think. what you may have missed with a great guy.

    • Very true. I'm busy all week.. I'm free on the 9 .. so I think il text him than.. if eh hasn't

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