Comeback for girlfriend scenario concerning work and money?

Ok going to make it simple and to the point, someone that is a loser and a 35 year old grown adult, doesn't want to hold onto a job, mooches off of mom and dad, is a deadbeat dad, selfish, disrespectful, thinks that not having a steady job is ok and that this is something a potential girl friend should not worry about because money and bills are material things and a women should like a guy for who he is and his personality and not if he has a job or not. He refers to the good women he happened to run accross that dropped him like a bad habit because of his beleifs as selfish and materialistic. So, what's a good come back to explain to him that having a job and paying your bills is just something you have to do as an adult and it doesn't make a good women your age materialistic or a gold digger because they expect this?


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  • He lives in lala land. If he's reached 35 and still thinks its okay, then he's not going to change no matter what you say. His parents don't help by giving him the money.

    • I think thats the biggest issue is that his parents are always helping him out and not letting him grow up and become a real man

    • Then its not him that needs convincing of wrong doing at this point, its his enabler parents. Once they get it that they are not doing him any favours, rehabilitating him will be pertinent. Should that happen, it'll take awhile. He may even become a gold digger, so to speak, himself. That's how my ex husband was.

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  • There isn't one. Anyone that delusional is fucked.