Is kissing in the rain really that good?

I heard kissing in the rain is supposed to be the best type of kissing. Anyone ever done it? Was it exciting? Was it romantic? let me know. Any cute stories from kissing in the rain? Also, I've been kissed before just not in the rain. Thanks :)

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  • I've done it but it's not as great as they make it seem, but I still like it
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  • Well it was on an April morning, that day it was very rainy. I came outside when my friends and I saw him, immediately I went under his giant umbrella and he hugged me close to his body. I admit I liked him yet I didn't know what was going to happen next. Then it started to rain harder, thunder was booming and lighting just flashing. Yet I stood under there with him, in his arms warm and safe. He tried to make that move yet he kept getting interutped by people. Then...there was a moment where we were alone, evenually I was looking down at my shoes he lifted my chin up with his index finger and looked into my eyes. I was so nervous because this would be my first kiss. I said that I didn't know how to kiss and he said think of twilight and he went for it. Frankly I was surprised that he kissed me, and throughout that whole kiss my body was froze, since I was afraid to kiss back. He then took his lips off mines and I wanted to melt right then and there...and then he said, "That was your first kiss." And I hugged him tight afraid I was going to fall and to be able to feel if this really happened or not.

    So that's how I had my first kiss. And within the rain :D I remember it well too :)


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  • One of my first kisses was and the rain which is why I remeber it so well. I personally love the rain and being caught in a thunderstorm makes me so happy. So whenever the two are combined kissing someone I care about and rain it makes for one amazing kiss :) : P :D XD

    • I love rain to, but unfortunatly where I live it hardley ever rains :(.

    • I'm sorry that kinda takes away from the chances of you getting to have a kiss in the rain :(

    • Aww I hope I get kissed in the rain eventually. Thanks for the great answer though, it gives me a good idea of what it would be like :)

  • you have to be with a person you really care about, when you are kissing in the rain it electric, absolutely amazing!

    • It sounds fun! I can picture the adreline rush from it.

    • It absolutely is an adrenaline rush...that's what makes it so amazing...especially when you're caught unexpectedly in the rain.

  • I do not like being in the rain, at all, kissing or not. It is cold and it makes me uncomfortable.

  • im not a girl who hates getting wet in the rain, and when your with someone you really like, a kiss in the rain is romantic. unless there is lightning O.o