We went from lovers to friends?

I have this guy friend who ended up making a move on me when we hung out 1 night. Christmas Eve. First night we did actually. Says he can't do relationships cause he is not in the headspace to at the moment. He mentions this to all my friends when we first met him even before we hooked up. Then mentions it to me before hand.

We have hung out 2 times since then (during the day & New Years Eve) and always have fun in each other's company. He rings and we joke around. He never mentions sex in texts. Met and get along well with his kids to.

He then tells me that he can't do friends with benefits anymore. I felt like I could not either. He did not want things to get complicated and I felt like if I continued it that I will end up getting feelings for me. I mention that I really like him and that would not be a good idea. This was just before New Years Eve.

So now we are just friends. I have never been in this situation before. Hope it does not get to confusing as I am still attracted to him lol.

Anyone else been through this with someone before?

*Feelings for him lol.

Something he mentions to our group. Saying he has never done one night stands. Really hurt me.

I ask him if that was all I was to him. If he was the romantic he claims in relationships and has never done that with anyone he had with me.

He says he considers one night stands to be having sex with someone and never seeing them again. We still hang out. Good point.

Luckily he had been honest with me, from the start so let him off with that response.
The morning before we spoke I kept thinking that night did not feel like a mistake. He says the same thing without any prompting from me, that he did not think it was either.


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  • I'm guessing he thought you were catching feelings and decided to break it off before it went any further.


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