Why are guys always weird around me? how do I set this straight?

I met this nice guy and he seemed eager to help me out. He said I don't have to worry about him making moves on me cos he's gay. Now he tells me that he loves talkn to me via text and that I shouldn't give up on him and that he's so happy he met me. Take into account I met him 2 days ago. How do I set things straight without hurting his feelings?

He asked me out. So I was right lokl


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  • Okay so , this could be taken several different ways.. Either it's harmless and he's just really happy to have met you and finds you very appealing as a companion. Or, since it's only been two days and by how you say it he seems to already be a little too clingy, maybe it's a sign that he's a weirdo and you may need to really stay away from this guy. However it's still really early on to tell but if you give it a little time and this guy still ends up being creepy towards you or makes you feel uncomfortable. Don't hesitate.


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  • I think he genuinely enjoys your platonic friendship (he did say he's gay).

    • Lol he is not remotely gay, trust me. I've had a friend in the past tht was in the closet for years and I knew he was gay before he even came out. I doubt he's gay.

    • Then say that u only see him as a friend and to make sure he doesn't get confused.

  • There isn't anything to set straight. He's happy to have met you and enjoys talking to you.. nothing wrong there.

    • Lol my problem is that he said he was gay but now he seems like he's flirting. So I dnt knw if he has other intentions cos he doesn't seem gay. I don't know if I'm making sense.

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    • Maybe u are right. Perhaps I'm reading too much into this.

    • You could tell him how you feel then see what happens from there.

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  • Niiiiiiiceeeee haha you made a gay guy straight! I feel like that's kinda amazing haha

    • Lol I think he was straight all along.

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