Catfish experiences?

Have you ever been catfished? If so explain your experience.


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  • Yes, I was on September of last year.
    I got a friend request on Facebook from a guy who was from my college. I usually ignore requests from people I don't know in real life, but for some reason I decided to accept his request.
    So, he started talking to me and he said that he wanted to make out with me. I was shocked and surprised.
    I told him that I couldn't make out with someone I barely knew and that I needed to get know him better first. He continued to talk with me.
    One day I decided to check his profile and I found out that his pictures were strange. It didn't look the same person on all photos. I started to be scared.
    One day, I was talking to him and the conversation was going well until I tried to message him and finding out that I couldn't. He blocked me.

    I told this story to my friends and one of them decided to call him. She pretended to be me and the only he said was "yes, yes" and then he turned off the phone.

    I still think about this. I will never know why he did this.
    I guess he thought that I was "easy" because I'm black and he only wanted me for sex.

    But, it's a lesson learned. I will never accept friend requests from unknown people.

    • Thank for the MH :)

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  • The guy was mostly who he said he was. His photos were real and all that. But the girl he showed me as his ex girlfriend/roommate was his current wife. And he had two kids, not just one. It was really embarrassing on my part, but I got over it. He's the only one I know of.

  • I've never had any relationship with anyone online, for the most part. There was just this one guy that I met through gaming and one day we met up. He didn't lie to me or anything, per say, but he wasn't exactly how I thought he was xD

  • what does catfished mean?

  • Do you mean cat fish the show yeah once


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