Guys:how bad have u fucked up?

My cousin fucked up pretty bad and can't get over it


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  • Well, one time I asked a girl out on Facebook which was lame to begin with. It turns out she didn't like me at all and probably thinks I'm a creep. Humiliating :/


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  • One time I burnt some toast

  • Can you be more specific?

    • Like how bad did u mess up in a relationship

    • I used to text the girls I had a crush on with long messages which if I can now I wan't to obliterate those message with their memories of them. Now I believe they think of me as a creep except for one of them who stood up for me when a girl mentioned me badly on Twitter :) I wish I could talk to her once more or get closer, but the fact that I taking the last year of my high school as home study ruined everything :"D

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