I don't even know what to do here, plez help?

2 weeks ago my friend told me the girl I loved was spending New Years at another dudes house, while the girl knew I had planned to ask her out over our Winter Break. We didn't have an "official" relationship, but it was close. Anyways, I ask her if it was true after school and she said it was.
So naturally I flipped shit.
A few days ago, her ex-boyfriend tells me I need to make up for leaving her after she blew me off. Apparently she "missed me." I then the next day attempt to make up with her, and she did not miss me one bit. She acted as if she had nothing wrong, and that my jealousy got the best of me (true, but what she did was real shitty). She told me that she did miss me enough to cut my name into wrist, though, so I'm not sure what to make of that (she self harms, but I wish I could help her stop). She said she, instead of being friends, should be acquaintances, and to not talk to her as much as we used to, which was all the time...
All the while adding that she changed plans and spent New Years with her ex-boyfriend and another dude (she even decided to include the fact that it was a better plan instead of staying at the other dude's house).
What the absolute f*** am I supposed to do here? I want to b her friend but I also want to tell her to piss off and let me rot in piece?


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  • She is not interested in you. Accept that. try to move on for your own wellbeing.


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  • You be her friend and just relax.

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