Do some girls like to go slow?

I've been talking to this girl for about 2.5 months now I think. Maybe two months. We've been on two dates and I think I finally arranged date 3. It seems like it takes a few times for her to respond to my date requests. A lot of times she just ignores it and then I end up messaging her back agin like 4 days later and then we talk for another week or two before I mention us going on another date. I'm starting to think she just wants to move at her own pace. So like if we go on a date and then I try to schedule the next date for a week later, she doesn't respond to it. Girls what do you think? I don't mind us going slow, especially with having sex. That's fine by me, but I kind of wish we would have had a few more dates by now. She's a nice girl and we seem to get along really well.


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  • Either she's not really interested or she wants to take it slow, yes.


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  • if she isn't immediately answering back she might not be fully interested. 4 days is a little excessive to not respond

  • I like to take things slow sexually... But I like to get to know the person so I wouldn't be taking so long to respond... Maybe she isn't feeling a connection? I think when you meet with her in person have a discussion about this issue ESPECIALLY if you feel that you do get along really well in person. I don't know if she is keeping a slow pace so things DON'T get physical or if she simply doesn't see you as more than a friend...

    • Most of the time we talk everyday. There has been a couple times where she went like 5 days until she texted back. I think maybe in the beginning I was maybe moving too fast for her by scheduling the next date shortly after the previous. Maybe she needs more time to think about things. I don't know. lol.

    • Ask her... Did something specific cause her to take so many days to respond? Like did you have an argument or a misunderstanding and she needed her space or was it simply after a normal regular conversation... If it's the later and she disappears for 5 days just ask if everything is alright as you really enjoy the daily contact of some sorts.
      Although if initially she was taking longer days and now it's starting to subside then you maybe right about moving too fast initially. If it's still happening though just have an open conversation with her.
      I've been in a relationship about the same length of time and the only time in the beginning we took breaks were when he had fights and misunderstandings cus we were coming from such different view points sexually - him super fast and I super slow - and other value systems... And things almost took a nose-dive but after much communication we rarely take a break except overseas trip and discussed about in advance...

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  • Women like fast and furious.

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