Why do girls fall of the face of the planet?

What is it with girls that shortly after talking to me, or after one date, or even one girl agreed to a first date, then stopped talking to me 3 days before the first date. She just told me she liked me bla bla bla, then never heard back from her again... In my opinion, that's just RUDE. I'm a big boy, if for some reason you change your mind, just tell me. Don't leave me hanging. What gives, ladies?


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  • She is coward.. Didn't want to hurt your feelings.

  • Guilty as charged, I did that once to a guy - I changed my mind about wanting to see him, so I just did not say anything at all. I guess i did not care enough to bother to tell him.

    • thanks for being honest... would you do that to me?

    • It depends on what kind of vibe I get from you. Like if we are texting and something about it doesn't flatter me :)

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