Too insecure to date or show interest back towards someone who is interested in me?

I'm a late bloomer. 19, just had my first kiss a few months ago.. never dated and i dont put myself out there. I'm shy, get awkward, and i feel like im in high school currently with the guy that is showing interest in me.

It's been like 3 months, i'm doubtful that he likes me most times (but he's also never dated anyone in high school).. so we both dont know what we're doing. We're both shy/quiet, he kissed me at a party, and in person is always looking at me, smiling, says hi to me... i avoid his eye contact, get quiet and i freeze up.

I'm into him, but i just feel insecure. I'm hesitant because well, I've never had a guy show interest in me, his family is financially well, mine isn't... and i dont know what im doing or how i should react. I keep comparing it to my friends and their relationship and i shouldn't do that. But im lost, and i dont want to disappoint him or myself.

What do i do?


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  • If he kissed you, smiled and says hi to you, he definitely likes you. You need to hamg with him personally im a no pressure situation, that could be a date, going somewhere you both enjoy and can start being more comfortable at. And when you see him, try to look at his eyebrows, itll look like you're lokking into his eyes. Be you and take deep breaths and do what you can to calm down, it gets better soon, you guys just need to get acquainted and comfortable with each other!

    • Yeah, and im also not one to enjoy a lot of attention on me so when his friends are around i just get more quiet or i get awkward when him and i are talking to each other and his friends see. And thanks to my friend, she told me that one of them asked if i was equally into the guy as he is into me... so i guess he told his friends. And now i feel more awkward? I don't know why... and my friend is seeing one of his friends and is constantly saying how we're gonna go on double dates and that she's gonna get us together no matter what.. and it makes me feel uncomfortable. i'd rather things go slowly and fall into place than have our friend push us together... or am i being to sensitive about it? i just feel uncomfortable with her trying to do that or whatever.

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  • Worry to death I guess.

    • Just tell her to chill out and let you handle it, IT'S YOUR RELATIONSHIP and your dude, tell her you apprexiate it, but you wanna hamdle this. And don't stress, its not worth it. Only tell her though when she starts doing the annoying stuff though.

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