Where do I go wrong?

I always thought complimenting a girl was a chance to get a conversation started but she just responded lol thank you and that was it


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  • Flattery only works if you've more than one statement.

    "You're cute"


    ... "Oh, let's talk about how wonderful our lives would be together" <--- NOT A THING

    • I mean I was trying to ease my way in without it being awkward cause I didn't know the girl personally she was a friend of one of my friends on Facebook

    • Well, compliments have value. Just not a lot for continuity.

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  • I agree with Hulk. You can't be giving off the impression you're trying to "bribe" her with flattery. If you can give a compliment and casually move into real conversation as if the compliment never happened, she won't feel like you're expecting something in return for the compliment.

    Something like "Wow, those boots are very fashionable, where did you get those? I was looking to get my sister some boots and she'd love a pair like that.". She won't feel like you're creepy and if she finds you attractive she'll likely chat with you.

    After chatting for 5 minutes (if she likes you all you'll need to do is ask a couple questions and she'll do the talking), if you like her just ask her out. You could say: "A sense of fashion and a sense of humor, impressive. I've gotta run but I'd like to get together when I have more to time to chat? Are you free Thursday evening at 6pm?"

    If she says yes, set a place to meet, if she says no give her your number and tell her to call if she changes her mind or figures out her schedule. Either way, say good bye, nice meeting you, hope you have a great day.

    • Yeah she never responded when I tried to iniate a conversation but I have always had issues with girls cause I'm ugly

  • That was where u did wrong

    A compliment could lead to just that, when u approach a girl.. 90% of the chances are her wall goes up.. And what's on her mind is.. "Here we go again"

    If u bring up something else, it'll make a better impression. Let her know ure just not trying to flirt with her.

    If she's holding a drink at Starbucks, try to be polite and ask her how's that drink (even if Uve tried it) or ask her about something else she's holding or wearing to start up a conversation, strike a joke regarding it or something silly Uve done. Have her feel comfortable responding to u. Then keep it short, if ure getting a good stare back from her.. It's a good sign.. If she's lingering around to hear what else u have to say.. It's a good sign

    Take ur leave, say something like "hey look I appreciate Ur opinion, answer, time blah blah" I don't want to hold u up, would it be alright if we continue this maybe later? " exchange numbers if she's willing to blah blah u get the idea

  • If I just pay a girl a compliment then that's all I wanted to say
    If you bring up an actual conversation then she can respond and then let it go from there

  • To completely start a convo? I wouldn't say so. You gotta start with something else more casual and cool, you'll look desperate and awkward if you START with that, and that applies in the beginning of dating also, not just in conversations!

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