Thoughts on this situation with this girl? PLEASE HELP?

I've liked this girl since eigth grade. Unfortunately, i was friiends first with her friend before i knew the girl that i liked. I told my friend i liked her, but then backed off because i was young and not ready for commitment (my friend really liked me and this crushed her). The girl liked then saw my friend crying and just thought of me like that. But i always wanted this other girl, and my friend knew that, and manipulated the situation. Any way, I asked her out once 9th grade but she said no, but i think that was because we didn't know each other, it was like 2 days before the dance, and i was with her friend for a day. Anyway, since then i made an album. I was gonna drop it off at peoples houses, and i asked her if i could drop it to her house. She said yes and freely gave me her number, and address. I never did but i think that's a positive sign that she gave me personal info without hesitation. This year, on ask. fm, I asked her a bunch of questions, and somehow she figured out it was me. I denied it, and she was like "mhm" and "Oh Darn, nevermind" when i said it wasn't me. I admitted eventually and she asked me if i was with my ex, still had feelings for her and stuff like that. We talkes for two hours about my ex, and said i shouldn't mess it up with my ex. I dont know where to go next, please help!


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  • You've been friend zoned... I don't know how to get you out of the friend zone unfortunately


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