Is the submissive woman attractive?

I am not talking like d/s stuff first just to clarify
I am talking about the softspoken woman, or the woman who likes to be lead in the bedroom. I wondered if the outgoing girl or the shy girl was more attractive
In a sexual sense, I am talking about letting the male take the lead to teach the submissive female new things?
I know this sounds messed up and confusing but it is hard to explain myself in words.

All in all, I likena stronger male as my partner that will take care of and protect me. It sounds old school, but I want to take care of my partner as well.


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  • Whatever the energy feels like, you should go with.

    Go with the flow.


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  • It is actually most common from what I have read on here and some of the pools I have seen. Women want to be more sub and they want them men to lead.

  • At is the most attractive woman out there!


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  • Sounds rape-ish.
    Feels wrong, but yes, very sexy.

    • XD I dont even know how word the question.

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