I didn't show up for 3 dates a guy asked me out to, did I piss him off? do you think he'll call me again?

so I am working a lot and he asked me out but I was with a friend. second time, I was working out and it was a movie. third time , he bought tickets and I said I was too tired.

do you think I pissed him off to the point he'll never talk to me ever again?

I didn't do it on purpose. I was really tired and I hadn't seen my friend in forever, plus I hate movies since I would sit there and do nothing anyways.

all he did was just text 'i'll talk to you later'

does that mean 10 years from now when he's not pissed off anymore?


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  • yep you did it and here's the reason why: you didn't plan to schedule for another day... be careful because he could have moved on by now

    • hmm I tried to call him but he didn't pick up. I guess he's not willing to even listen. not worth my time then

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    • lmao hahaha you can thank me later, well try that he might be surprised

    • i hate leaving a voicemail. it feels weird to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxUATkpMQ8A dating is hell. so tirreeeeeeeeeeeeeed of it.

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  • You may have pissed him off, yes. Or at least made him wonder if you're even interested in him. If you like him, you better start tending to your dating commitments with this dude, if it's not too late.


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  • Yup, he's pissed. Just let it be. You probably weren't even that interested, because if you would have been, there would be no excuses.

    • true. he seemed like a jerk tbh. I want to enjoy life, this is just one small shit I messed up on.

  • If a guy did that to me I wouldn't ask them out again. I would move on. He might think you're not that into him.

  • That was really rude, and a dic* thing to do. He should be pissed off and move on.

    • well he shouldn't be a dick and say nasty things about his ex gf's or fuck around. fuck off.

  • perhaps you should have acted more interested. . instead of blowing him off... people don't wait forever

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