Communication is lacking, what do I do?

the communication in our relationship is lacking, i want to rebuild this and have a healthier and happier relationship with my girlfriend


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  • The answer is hilariously simple. Talk to her.

  • Communication is a key function to keep a relationship healthy and running smoothly.

    Picking the right time to talk about something that bothers you is more important than you think. Find the time when you and your partner are in the same room, alone, not doing anything. Talk it out till it's solved. If a solution can't be found immediately, compromise with what you have.

    Talking face to face is just as important. Avoid texts, emails, and over-the-phone "talk it out's". Talking in person, face to face, avoids any miscommunication.

    Do not attack your partner. There's always that moment where we mean the absolute best, but it comes out harsh and hurtful with the choice of our words. Never use "you", but instead use "I" or "we".

    Being honest is a huge contributor. The truth hurts sometimes, but it's a healthy relationship tactic. Admit your aren't the best you can be, and always apologize whenever you make a mistake that can be potentially hurtful to your partner.

    Make eye contact when speaking. Your body language can be a dead giveaway to why you are arguing or lacking communication in the first place. By your body language, others can tell if you are truly meaning what you say or if you are just saying whatever it is to be a "temporary healer". Let your partner know that you are listening.

    If something upsets you, and you are still angry about it two days later, say something. Holding in any irritant or anger will only build up overtime resulting in a huge argument that'll get the two of you nowhere. If you don't speak up there is no way for your partner to be able to apologize or admit fault for something.

    Most importantly, think before your speak. Most of the time we don't, and unfortunately things can come out the complete opposite than what we really mean. Stop, think, talk, and listen.


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