Why is online dating so difficult? I do better IRL than I do in online dating, so why can't I hook up with a good chic online?

Ok so just recently I have went out on a date from a girl I met online, but things really didn't work out. So I've spent hours tonight online trying to woo women (so to speak) and I get tons of chics coming to my profile, but very minimal responses. I seriously have done better in real life than I have online. Now don't get me wrong I've had three surgeries in the last 6-7 years and have put on more weight than I should have, but I was literally immobile, so I try to lose weight, but its an uphill battle, part of it is time for me, bc on a typical week I work 60-80 hrs a week and I go to school full time, so its like when do I have time to work out. I mean if I have time (which I have done in the past) I would be at the gym or at home working out for hours. So this could be part of the problem.

But the other part is that I know that I am a pretty good looking guy, bc (I don't mean to sound boastful here) almost every single girl that I have dated is extremely good looking, I just (this is not a knock on all women as I realize not all women are like this) seem to attract crazy chics or chics who just aren't all there, then when I do find a chic who has some things somewhat together, things just don't work out, for one reason or another.

I don't get why I'm not getting more responses online. I mean tonight I saw a stat where there are literally on 40% men on these dating sites (approx) and about 60% women. So are women being more picky online then what they are in real life, and why is it that in real life I seem to be able to attract women (even at my size of 280 lb) better and get women to flirt with me in real life, when I am online I can't hardly get anybody to respond. I know in the past I got to the point where I wouldn't even look online, bc it takes too much time and with very little success, so what's the point on staying online when I do better in real life and now I'm literally back to that point of just not even looking anymore is it worth the time


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  • What I want to know is why the majority of girls mislabel their body type or are bi when they're really not. I fail so much on dating sites.

    • I agree completely, also if you meet the girl in real life they really don't look like their pictures.

    • I always write down the type of girl I'm looking for, I wish more girls did the same to know If i'm what they're looking for so I could move on.

    • Yea girls don't have a clue what they are looking for, literally! I mean sometimes I would be that friend to a really hot chic and she would tell me that her bf treats her really bad and blah, blah, and I tell her that she should leave him. Then no matter what friend this is they always come up with an excuse to stay. Except for one girl and we ended up dating for a really long time and I thought that we were going to get married, until she cheated on me. I mean if ur a good lookin girl ur always going to have some dude hitting on you, but some girls can't seem to resist. Which is why girls have no idea what they want or how good they have it til their man is gone (referring to a man that treats his girl right). Which is why I think girls have no idea what they want in a man, and thus they are just looking at what is good at the moment and don't really look at things for the long term!

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