Hey, Boys can you please help this out?

1) why when a guy likes a girl and she likes him back why not start a relationship?

2) why do boys play hard to get
3) If that guy really likes that girl and he's dying to talk to her why does he turn away/walk away when he sees her? nervous?
4) Why would a guy unfriend/unfollow a girl on Facebook and instagram if he really likes her and she likes him to..

I'm really curious about my guy friend who does all these why to a girl he likes? I'm still quite lost~ if I asked him he shrugged


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  • 1) Scared that it will turn into a great one? Weird? Yeah, I know. Guys are weird sometimes.
    2) I don't know. I don't play hard to get - I don't think.
    3) Yes, nervous. Especially if she is very attractive to him.
    4) He might have seen a photo of her with another guy and thought they were together, and thinks he has no chance with her.


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  • 1) It's either the chick being scared of the relationship
    2) it's actually the opposite chicks always play hard to get
    3) he's afraid of rejection not knowing the answer is comforting
    4) he doesn't want her to think he's a stalker or some crazy thing both can think of
    (My experience from highschool)

    • hey :) mind me asking why would he even block her from Facebook..(just for awhile)

    • I have no answer to the Facebook thing but sounds similar to a guy kindly ignoring a chick so she can want him more because he might go with someone else and make her think about him more

  • 1) Yeah Why Not

    2) I certainly don't play hard to get but I do feel reserved about appearing too keen which I hate about society, we should be more transparent.

    3) If I like the girl and dying to talk to her I would go and talk to her, simple (unless there's friends around)

    4) He doesn't like seeing all her photos, he may get jealous of her being with other guys or having fun without him (I've done this myself)


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