Does OKCupid attract bi-girls?

So I've had a look through quite a few (female) profiles on OKCupid, and it seems the majority of them identify as bisexual. So I'm wondering if for some reason bi-girls are more likely to join than straight girls, or if straight girls think it's a good idea to say they are bi. Any thoughts or experience of this?

I don't really care either way as long as she's interested in men, it's just a bit bizarre that so many claim to be bisexual.


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  • It seems to; and not just bi, you get poly, pan, gender fluid... okcupid is special like that

    • So you think most of there are genuine about it, but just over represented on there for some reason?

    • I think it's prob a bit of both; okcupid attracts the alt girls (not just sexually alt) as they don't do as well on the other free dating sites, and over time its like it's become part of the culture there

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  • No. It's just a popular term to be.