I don't want to date her for some reason help?

She's going to ask me out but I don't want date her I just to be friends with benifets I like her but I don't want to date her I just want to bang her and I don't know why help please


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  • I would just flip the question back on to you. why don't you want to date her? why don't you want a committed relationship as opposed to more of a friends with benefits situation?

    obviously you are free to do what you want and should only do what you want and feel compelled to do but the reasons why you only want what you want are probably best known to you.

    if and when she asks you out just kindly explain, 'I'm not really looking for anything serious. I like things the way they are. if you aren't ok with that I understand but I want to be up front and honest with you.'


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  • Just tell her that you just want to bang her and not interested. She'll get the cue and eventually leave unless she's obsessed.


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