Boyfriends female friend lines him?

My bf has rhuacfemale friend and whenever he tells her that sonething they to crosses the boundaries we have in our relationship such as them hanging out alone in his room she says well I was here first so she should suck it up and deal with it. Umm excuse me i am his girlfriend last time I checked shouldn't she be the one sucking it up and dealing with it as she is just his friend? I can't stand this girl because it is obvious by what she said she has a crush on my man. Girlfriend's feelings any day > female friend's comfort


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  • In certain cases friends are above GF. Being that she's been a friends firsts and longer than you have been around him yeah you have to suck it up, you are the new person in his life and you're the one that has to accept that she's his best friend. Look at it this way if you break up your friends are the ones who'll be there to comfort you, it applies to him as well. Make nice and don't rock the boat.

    • I agree that family comes before a gf but I don't think another women should come before a gf otherwise he would be dating her and not me. I think that it is natural once someone gets into a relationship that certain dynamics and boundaries between opposite sex friends change so that no one is in a compromising position. Whenever my guy friends have gotten girlfriends in the past I have always accepted my role and that their girl may be uncomfortable with certain dynamics so out of respect for their relationship I toned certain things down a bit. I just think it is crazy for a girl who is just a friend to expect that her friend is going to put her comfort above his own girlfriend's. To me the female friend is more out of line and possessive to demand that there not be any boundaries. It is different if a girl friend says her bf can't have any female friends or has to completely drop them but to expect a female friend to not hang out alone in their bedroom is a completely reasonable

    • Request because honestly they can hangout in other places like in public besides the bedroom. As a relationship progresses and when people are older I think it is natural for a relationship to come first and for major opposite sex friendships to take a backseat. If my bf ever said that Hus friendship with another girl comes before my comfort and our relationship then in my mind he should be dating her. Just like in the same respect I word never put the feelings and comfort of a guy friend before my bf otherwise he would be the guy I'm dating.

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