Saw this text from my boyfriend to a girl: I don't know we've been together so long I feel like sometimes I'm missing something.. What do I do now?

We've been dating for over 3 years and I'm scared he was waiting until after the holidays to break up with me. How do I bring up that text without telling him I saw that text? HELP


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  • Tell him you saw the text and you would like to know what it means. Tell him that if he is unhappy you would like to know why so you have a chance to work together to resolve it... and if he doesn't want to resolve it, he is free to move on.

    • Perfect answer.

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    • Thank you for taking your time and giving me your opinion! Means a lot and I will take your advice so cross your fingers for me lol

    • I will. Let us know

  • Do you love him or are you afraid of being alone?

    • Both... Of course I love him and that's why I'm scared

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    • im sorry, you have my sympathies.

    • maybe he loves both of you then, this stuff is really tricky to honestly figure out. but one thing that is for sure is that there is something going on with you and him that needs to be discovered, whether you decide to stand up and fight for it or whether you slowly and sadly watch this person you love leave you... it always feels better in the end that you made a choice in whatever you decide to do with this rather then passively watch it unfold helplessly... it's a terrible feeling to watch someone you love slip away from you.

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