Why do all this then not return any calls/texts?

The guy I am currently seeing recently (two weeks ago today) spent the entire weekend with me (which he never has just overnight visits and leaves in the afternoon/evening). We did our Christmas presents and he even told me how much he loves spending time with me and why he likes being with me. And then when he left I have yet to hear from him again. No returned calls or texts. I don't understand at all. Especially when he made a big deal either few weeks ago on how he wanted to wait to define the relationship until he was positive he wouldn't hurt me.


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  • Don't contact him. There could be a logical explanation for his disappearance so just stick it out for another week or so. My guy of two months disappeared on me the 22nd of dec. I've called him, text him, heard nothing but he has seen my messages on viber and even updated his pics etc. Prior to that he disappeared for a week but did come back, promised he wouldn't do it again, reassured me and then ofcourse vanished after a day again. Your guy may be busy or something BUT in this day of age, everyone has their phones on them etc. A missed call and text can always be returned. Don't contact for a week or so, give him a chance to miss you. Hope things work out xx

  • He could be busy, accident or lost of interesting. Time will prove it. If he not return I would just move on.

    • So how long do I wait?

    • Normally 3 days for me. If he text me after this. He have to explain why himself. If acceptable will be ok.