I dont want to be played, What do I do?

On Tuesday i went on a coffe date with a guy.
I totally assumed he was the player type but it was fun to be with him and talk.
He drove me to work and i was like well i bet he won't call me.
Few hours later he texted me and invited me to dinner at his place. I took the chance and said yes.
I went to his place and we had a lot of fun and it went great. He gave me another impression. He cuddled and kissed me, and we joked about how im such a "good" girl.
He said you probably havnt slept with a lot of guys and i was like no i havnt.
Than out of no where he said im not the boyfriend kind of guy, i have to be honest with you.
It really suprised me that he said that and just assumed i wanted a bf, i mean we just had met.

He drove me home and kissed me goodbye, The day after i texted him and said thank you for last night and for the food and happy new years :)
He replied "thanks the same :) happy new years!

So now i am like okay he didn't ask me out.. so is he not into me? is it because he thinks i want a rel..

Its been three days and its bothering me. I dont want to get hurt but i do want to get laid xD and am i being needy?

I was thinking if he doesn't contact me by jan 10.. i will ask if he wants to meet.

Should i or no?


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  • He knows what he's doing lol
    U showed him he has u in his game, he also knows the longer he waits off and teases, U'll be thinking of him more

    It's quite the basics actually


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  • Nothing you can do will prevent you from being played.


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  • If you like him ask him.


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