Girlfriend extremely low maintenance or shy?

Known her for two years. We haven't been able to see each other the past year because of her parents. Sneak around here and there though. She's crazy about me no doubt. I feel like I'm making most of the contact though. We can't see each other at all right now but I still make an effort to tell her once going on once in a while. She will but it will be a quick text or something every 3 to 4 days or so. It's always for a reason too early just for conversation.

Again she crazy about me I know this misses me a lot. I don't know if she's still playing the game or what not or if she's really low maintenance and thtas Judy her personality. She used to text me everyday to make plans and what not almost annoying but that was when we were allowed to see each other. She told me before she's really bad with emotions and sstuff hard for her to come out. I don't see the problem with talking a little bit every day or so though. I still like to know she's mine.

I should always mention she really will keep the conversation going and respond very quickly every time I do talk to her.


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  • She's not that into you or you would see each other more or at least talk daily.


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  • Can you at least make time for each other during school? Eat lunch together or something? She sounds crazy about you, maybe she could talk to her parents if she hasn't already

  • please talk to her before doing something rational, she reminds me of myself a bit. If she loves you and you love her, she won't be mad if you tell her exactly what you wrote here. Just tell her :)

    • by the way.. how old are you guys?

    • She's 18 I'm 21.

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  • If she is so crazy about you, she Would make ways to see you tbh

    • It's complicated.. her parents will kick her out of the house and cut her off but she does make ways to see me.