Can you help me with these questions?

If a guy wants to see a girl twice during the SAME day, is that a sign that he liked her? Like if they met that same day and he asked her to dinner again.

If a guy hasn't contacted you in 3 days is that a sign he is not into you?

How to not be needy with a guy after two dates?


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  • 1. Yes, that is a sign he is interested in getting to know you better.

    2. Generally a guy will contact you by day 3 if they are interested.

    3. Do not contact him and ask for another date. Show you are just fine if you don't hear from him again. Two dates is not even remotely anything yet. Sad to say after two dates, he can ghost and not owe you any explanation. It is a jerk move, but he can do it.

    I hope he gets in touch with you, just wait it out.