How do I ask a girl for her number?

I really like a girl and I want to ask for her number. I only see her in one class at school.

I don't want it to be creepy or awkward.


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  • Many many options here let me give you a few:

    The cocky guy: hey I just met you and this is crazy, but here's my number so text me maybe?

    Sorry had to put it out there on a more serious note.

    Just ask her, say hey can I have your phone number?

    If your not that confident make an excuse-

    For your class lie and say you don't really understand the homework assigned and if you could have her phone number so that you can text her with questions.

    This can go both ways if she doesn't understand then give her your number so she can text you will questions.

    Write it in a year book, at the end of the year just put your number in her year book she'll be flattered

    You could even ask your friends if they have her phone number and be sneaky and text her that way


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  • When you guys are having a conversation just say "hey I hope you don't mind but it kinda sucks that we can't talk more, wanna swap numbers so we can talk more often?"

    • Makes it less creepy and less awkward

    • Yeah u should totally do what @Lalaxoxo_sosa said lots of guys do that, and the girls give their #'s.

  • Did you talk with her already?

    • We talk in class almost every day.

    • Well then it's not creepy or awkward.
      Wait for a good moment just ask she won't bite you :)

What Guys Said 3

  • Ask for her number and explain you only see her in that one class and would like to see more of her.(or get to know her)
    If you have the confidence to ask her number you will stand out and she will dig it

    Just make sure you explain your purposes of getting her number and your not trying to just get in her pants or anything

  • You get to know them first, then you say "It was cool talking to you, fancy sharing numbers?"

  • Step 1: Learn her name
    Step 2: Say her name
    Step 3: Wait for her to turn around
    Step 4: Then ask her for her phone number
    In all seriousness though unless she absolutely hates you she'll tell you her phone number it may not actually go anywhere but you'll get her phone number man just ask in all honesty nothing bad can really happen it can only work out in the positive for you.