She stopped replying?

So I met the girl at party. Probably she was little drunk, but after the dance and everything she was sober. She gave me also a number.

Next day she replied and we talked for a little over text. Then I changed the telephone number and she stopped replying to me.

What I did wrong?

I'll just move on. Don't even care about that girl. Her loss.


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  • Perhaps, if I am to assume here, dear, by you "I changed the telephone number" she 'Stopped replying to me' because she found it fishy... can't think of why she would just out of the clear blue do this, and with you telling me about this phone finale, bells are going off in my own head with her reason of this season... it all makes sense.
    Move on... from now on, make sure that whatever you Do isn't something that Might give them a Click and a Change of heart. Some girls, even guys, get a wrong impression with a move and groove like that.
    Good luck. xx

    • I just wanted to say that I changed telephone number, because I go to new call charges (different company)... I told her that I changed number, she didn't replied.

    • Being she didn't know you, it Obviously didn't set straight with her... he sounds okay by me, but with some people, raises an eyebrow. xx

    • Thank you for allowing me to lend a helping hand here, dear.:)) xxoo

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