He hasn't called or text me in two days and I know he's online I want to call him so bad what should I do?

ok so i met this guy on POF we hit it off right away, i've never come across a guy whom i can connect with so quickly it was freaky. we would have two hour conversations and text all day. keep in mind that we haven't had the chance to meet yet but he set up the date himself a week in advance he invited me to this exclusive art show i couldn't wait to go i was so excited and scared i thought he was way to good to be true. Now here's when things started going south, i sent him a text i meant to send to my gay bff (we act like a couple) but i let him know right away that it was for my gay bff. He didn't believe me but i assured him i even told him he can call and ask himself, anyway we got over it. last we spoke it was new years eve around 4 pm i didn't feel like calling or texting since i was always the one to initiate first contact, i haven't herd from him since. by the way he friend requested me on IG liked a bunch of my pics then deletes me and blocks me mind you he had expressed how much he's into me, and i really really really like him i want to call/text him and say wtf why have you disappeared and i can see him online all the time on POF i need a man's advice please help me should i move on or just take the risk and contact him

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  • Move on. he's not acting intetested. You deserve better

    • thanks girl will do... there's plenty of fish in the sea lol

    • Definitely. Guys tend to come back when they realise what they lost buy they should appreciate you from the beginning. I give no second chances. Lifes too short

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