My boyfriends friends hate me?

I've never done anything wrong, his best friend hates me though. He's made horrible comments about my family and myself, he's accused me of lying (Proved him wrong, I've never lied to my boyfriend or his friends.) I've given up multiple guy friends because my boyfriend didn't like them, so I know it hurts. That's why I don't expect him to give his friends up, but today he accused me of lying AGAIN. Like I said, I've never lied to him. I'm so done with all of this, I can't take it. What do I tell him? Do I tell him that he should give up his friend? I'd also like to add, I've never really talked to his friends.


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  • Many many many things are screaming wrong here.

    First confront the friend and ask what he thinks your lying about. When he tells you what your lying about prove to him that you told the truth. He might have a problem with you because your taking his friend away. There might be more then what reaches the eye.

    Don't make him give up his friend, you honestly should have never given up your friends.

    Have you told your boyfriend about this? You need to know what he thinks. Keep calm though yelling is definitely the least rational way of going about things. Act mature, and honestly, if this relationship is causing you to loose friends and is causing all this stress leave him. Your under eighteen you have the rest of your life and dozens of other guys wanting to be with you.

    When it comes down to it do what makes you happy. Is this to much stress? Can you take it?


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  • Sounds like an insecurity issue to me, and honestly, a dumb issue on your part. You have your friends, why give them up because of someone else ESPECIALLY if they aren't willing to give theirs up for you. This is the perfect scenario for break up (which i recommend) but if you want to "fix" this, you have gotta bend through hoops that you don't seem like you like to bend through.
    (also, don't tell me you haven't done anything wrong, just from your description alone, i saw 9 things you did wrong, half of them was because you have no assertion)

  • No don't tell him to give up his friend, he might resent you for it, just talk to ur bf about it and tell him why it bothers you.

    Just to be clear: Was it his friend that told you were lying or was it ur bf?

    I'm going to make the assumption that it was his friend and if that is the case I would like to know why ur bf isn't standing up for you? Ur bf should def say something to his friend, bc I know if it were my friend doing this I would tell him that I didn't like what he was saying and to chill, and if he didn't then I would just not talk to him anymore, bc if he didn't respect my wishes then the question I have to ask myself is he really my friend or not? Even if I am making a mistake, it shouldn't be forced upon or make my gf feel uncomfortable.

    by the way if your bf doesn't say anything or doesn't acknowledge that there is an issue, than maybe it is time to move on, there are always more fish in the sea!

  • ask your bf whats up with them. If he doesn't "know" i wouldn't be surprised if your bf had said shit about you to his friends that make them not like you


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