Should I stop seeing this girl?

Girl I've been sleeping with for a while slept with someone elce on New Years. Anyways we had a rule not to sleep with anyone elce, anyways she told me that she did, but she says she loves me and everything like that she have a me a Christmas present and a birthday present. And she wants to get serious. What's going to happen if we did get serius? What if the same things happen? I feel bad tho Becuase it was my turn to take care of her and that didn't happen, Becuase I got to drunk.
Should I forgive her or not and just move on?


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  • I honestly don't see what there is to forgive. You weren't in a relationship with her, so she did nothing wrong. But go ahead and forgive her for doing nothing wrong and get 'serious' with her if that's what you want. I don't see the appeal of getting serious with someone that takes more pricks than a dartboard in a public house but if you two get on well, you're compatible and there's chemistry then why not?

  • I would give her a chance, but that's just me.