If it turns out that a few girls you thought liked you didn't, is it possible no girl has ever liked you?

Is it possible for a guy to not get liked by a single girl during his lifetime?


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  • The only way to really know if a girl likes you is to ask for the phone number. If she says yes, you're good to go. But this is only the first step.

    The next step is seeing if she actually keeps the date. Most girls that say yes to the date cancel at the last moment. If she keeps the date, you've passed this step.

    On the date, she will show you she likes you by laughing at your corny jokes, touching your shoulder, arm or leg, leaning towards you, and keeping the conversation going. Girls that like you makes it easy for you. A girl that doesn't will confuse you.

    To ease your fears, here's the probability breakdown to getting a date.

    Out of every 10 women you ask on a date, 3 will say yes, 2 will cancel at the last minute, and will go out with you. The second date depends on how you act on the first date.

    I hope this helps : )


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  • no i dont actually think so. bc whether we realize it or not someones always silently interested


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  • Here's what happened. She DID like you. You just took to damn long to ask her out, so she lost interest. By the time you asked, she NO LONGER liked you.

    When you like a girl, ask her out immediately. When the thought enters your mind, you ask. Anything else is too late.

  • mmmhmmm,... im prime example no 1. Every girl I've asked out up until i was 24 said no. Even now i can get dates but they never lead anywhere. I've been around girls all my life and hear them always talking about their other guy crushes or who they like, but was never included,... not once.

  • I don't think its possible... there's always someone out there for you.

    My question is what made you think these girls liked you in the first place?
    Maybe that can shed some light on why you think this way...

    • The way they acted around me.

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    • She said yes to a date then changed her mind.

    • Every guy has been in that position before... we have all been turned down or stood up. Even the best looking guys.

      When she said yes to the date she liked you... but something changed between that time and now... it can be a number of reasons.
      My advice would be to move on and keep asking girls out... eventually you will get your girl. Don't ever think no one could ever like you because of rejection it's a part of life. muust keep moving don't dwell on the past.

  • Of course, it's possible.