Tinder: Girls, how often do you swipe right on Tinder?

I've been experimenting with Tinder over the last few months. I've swiped right a lot but have gotten basically no matches. The only ones I get are fake, like they are bots that try to get me to signup for dating sites. I am not bad looking and I don't understand what am I doing wrong? What do girls look for on tinder and how often do they swipe right?


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  • Dating sites are always a numbers game for men, don't feel you're unattractive, it just takes a lot of persistence. Try also updating your photos if they're old, or maybe they're not too good... that's what I've done recently and I've noticed and uptick in matches.


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  • I don't go on these dating sites, online dating is for sad people that won't try to talk to me in person... meh... lol come back to reality.


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  • My friends made me get a Tinder at one point, and I found I swiped right somewhat infrequently lol. I suppose there's just not too many girls on that app that go along with what I like in a girl. But then I deleted it not long after that because it was really stupid. I prefer just walking up and talking to girls in person over some silly app, any day of the week.