Finally got a girlfriend, no response?

So my best friend and i just started dating, land some medical issues came up with her and she was in the hospital for awhile. She texted me when she got out and we talked abit, she said text her later, so i did. I haven't gotten a response since, any ideas of whats going on?


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  • god dammit, my brain read the title as "grilled" instead of "girlfriend" and then added "cheese" fuck you, @JackKerouac77

    FOR the actual question: um she's probably healing still, give the lady some space maaan.

    • You should try pepperjack grilled cheese. It's dope.

      Ya know... since you made me burn mine and all. ;)

  • She just got out of the hospital. She's clearly busy, and doesn't have time to entertain her newfound boyfriend. Give her some space.

  • give her some space lol

    • haha sry, didn't make it sound that way. Meant texted her once... dont know if it made a difference from the original.

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