Did I get stood up by him?

Okay here's the deal. I went out a couple of weeks ago to go see my friends band play with one of my best girl friends. Once we got there our friend introduced me to his best friend that was helping out the band.

Me and him connected right away. We literally danced the night away. He got my number and the next day he texted me asking if I wanted to go out on a date. Obviously I said yes. So from now till then we went out on dates and hung out with our mutual friends. It has been a lot of fun.

Last night things got a little heated... and he stopped and said that he wants to take it slow with me and that I'm different then the other girls he has dated... even though I'm sure all guys say that... so I agreed because I too want to take things slow.

I slept ovet that night and then this morning I got up and had to go to work. I didn't want to wake him, so I left him a cute note and left. He usually texts me later on but he didn't. So I texted him after I got out of work because we both made plans to go a party and then go see our friends band play... so I texted him and he responded different then he always does. It was about 2pm since his last text and I haven't heard anything since then...

It's now late and I feel like he stood me up in a way? He was on Facebook and posted a status but yet he didn't text me after I asked him what's going on so I know...

Did he lose interest in me already? I just feel hurt in a way, I feel like I got stood up

But tonight I'm going to see the band with my best friend, so maybe he will be there but idk?


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  • Wait until you see the band. It's really strange how he got angry. Maybe he didn't like the fact that you left and didn't wake it (nonsense, I know) even with the note. It's the only think I can think about. Why would things be ok during the night and bad in the other day without strange of unconfortable events? I don't get it either...

    So wait, maybe he'll be there tonight and you can talk.

    • Yeah maybe. I texted him earlier telling him I'm sorry for leaving I just didn't want to wake you, and he said it's alright and that he's with his cousin.

      But I just don't understand how this happened? I'm so confused by it. I hope he shows up just to see what happens.

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  • You don't know why he isn't responding to you so just don't jump to a conclusion. If you see him again then ask him about it.

    • Yeah that's what I'm gonna do. It's just hard not to overthink it. I tend to do that lol

    • I get it, just be the cool, calm woman who doesn't overreact lol

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