My cousin goes out with the boy I like?

Okay so me and my cousin end up having a crush on the same boy and I told her I liked him and she told me they were both friends Anyway.. after one night I didn't talk to her for about 2 weeks then she told me she's thinking about going out with him.. and so me.. I'm a nice person so I said oh that's cool I guess but I was still a little upset... So we end up arguing about her claiming she didn't know I liked him.. but we ended it on a good note.. but anyway I after New years me and her was talking about what we were doing and some how I found out she goes out with my crush but she never told me about it I don't know if she knows I know or not.. so I feel.. I don't know.. she's my best friend... But I don't know if she really is? Is that bad? And why do I feel like our friendship will never be the same? And why didn't she tell me yet? Why does some part of me is wanting to give up on her? This happened before but she never started dating though.. what am I supposed to do?


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  • It is not only you and your cousin choice. It is also the guy decided to go out with your cousin. If he wanted to hang out with you he won't go out with her. So it is not her failed. You need to accept the fact. If the guy wanted to go out with you but she try to destroy it. That is another thing.

    • Yeah.. no he wanted her fair and square ig it's not her fault but she did have a say so.. and she knew and I would not have went out with him anyway because I know she liked him too.. and I guess I'm upset because she didn't do the same for me

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    • Thanks for your opinion I find it very helpful

    • It's my pleasure! :)