My girlfriend can't see me doesn't really talk to me enough?

We can't see each other because of her parents and it's been like this for a year. We sneak arouND every now and then.

She doesn't text or call me a lot. Like every 3 to 4 days and it's a quick conversation. Although even when we were together everyday she would never be one to text or call to talk. At first I was thinking disinterest but when we talk about the relationship she gets very emotional and is willing to do anything for me. When I feel like I'm losing her she always comes back and blurs out how much she loves me in a messy way.

I've tried to be open with her start conversations here and there. But if we're exclusive I want to be able to talk tk her more. I'm not going to be that guy that says call me more though. Why us she doing this? Insecure? I've been an asshole and said pretty messed up things in the past maybe she doesn't fully trust me?

Maybe it's too hard for her? She said when we seperated she barley ate for months didn't go out. Her parents made her see a therpist but the therpist cleared her as fine after a couple weeks.


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  • You've said pretty messed up things in the past? Well, for me, whenever my bf is a doushebag or says messed up things, I tend to remove myself and disconnect myself. But that's just. me. maybe somehow at one point she removed herself. What you gotta do is talk to her. Tell her how you feel. Or else your. never gonna get what you ideally want from her. I was disconnecting from my bf a lot before, hardly txted him, hardly we would see each other... but he one day sat me down and bluntly told me how he felt. And Immediately after that... I cared more. I put in the effort and we have changed. So talk to her. Tell her what's up. Its. not you nagging when your. in a relationship

    • she's accepted my apology but says it still hurts. Am I just supped tk bring this up out of the blue. Hey just wanted to say sorry again?

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    • Yeah its confusing. She has risked everything for me.. Told me she will always be there for me no matter what happens in her life. Told me she wouLD do abything. I thought disinterest again. Offered to take a break and she got hysterical stared crying saying she doesn't want one.

    • She acts like a tough chick. Told me it's really rare for her to have feelings for a guy.

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