How can a girl tell that she needs to improve her looks to attract a guy?

This girl has never had a boyfriend. She is not overweight or obese, but average. She is not a conventional beauty. She is 23 years old and still hasn't gone on any dates or kissed anyone.

How can she tell that it's her looks that's the problem and not her personality?


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  • Tbh, I've seen all sorts of girls having guys like them. I know it's a cliché, but somebody does like you and others have liked you and more will like you.
    You just have to look out for it more. From giving a second glance or small smile to a guy checking you out at the bus stop, to the shy scared to approach you guy who you work with.

    I never ever noticed guys looked at me, till friends pointed certain things out or just said stuff like "hmm black guys always like you don't they, they always check you out" and stuff like that.
    I'm not looking at guys, they are, so they notice who's looking our direction. If you actually make an effort to look at them and stuff, I guarantee you'll see guys checking you out.
    Guys (no offence) like women full stop, every woman has something some guy will like. They're kinda pervy, so it's not difficult at all when you make an effort.

    If it's your personality, you'll know because you'll get the guys taking you out or texting you, then they'll not want to get to know you much more when they see your personality.


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  • It's not her looks, every guy has a different definition of beauty, while one guy may not find her beautiful another may.

    It might be how she puts her self out there, if she gives off a F&&@ off I don't want guys vibe, that's exactly what guys will do

    • how would she ever know she has that vibe? but as I recall, she is very friendly and smiles at strangers all the time. she grew up in a really friendly place that encouraged "hellos" and "how are yous," so maybe it is her looks.

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    • See, again.. I really don't like to say it's a girls look that is a problem for not getting dates.. Yeah yeah.. My man card is being revoked but I believe every woman of size shape and color is beautiful, even if I don't find them attractive I know someone else will.

      Her social life is isolated, how can a guy get a chance to appreciate her and approach her when she's not put out there, most of the times a guy approach a girl is if he's seen her a few times and finally gets the courage to go up to her.. We men are insecure of rejections.. And we won't approach unless we feel confident

      There are some of us who are used to approaching and just approach randomly but takes a guy a lot of rejections and regrets to be at that stage

      She needs to be out more, go to places frequently and be social.. A guy will find her interesting and approach her or hint to her

    • I think that's easier said than done, since she is very focused on her career at the moment. By the way, I didn't know men "hinted" at things? Can you give some examples?

  • just be hygienic and dress nice.
    Honestly, its not about your looks, its about your attitude.
    Be yourself and ROCK THAT SHIT. Be you.
    Love yourself.
    As a guy, that is the sexiest thing a girl can do in my eyes.

  • post some pics?

  • I think people differ as to what they find attractive and you meet some guys definition of it. After that it's your personality that keeps him around, be funny, be flirty and passionate in your conversation. It'll only be a matter of time.

    • people always say that, but then years pass and nothing comes of it. she might be single until the day she dies, because nobody finds her worth it enough to pursue. :/ sad.

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