Do you really like a guy if you don't want to kiss him?

Whenever I'm around this guy I feel excited and happy. I enjoy spending time with him, and I really trust him. Being close to him also makes my heart beat faster, and the thought of him dating another girl hurts.

But when I started thinking about what I wanted out of a relationship is was just a stronger version of the relationship we have now as friends.
And the thought of kissing him doesn't seem even remotely appealing (although I haven't had my first kiss), and even holding hands seems embarrassing.

So do you think that I really like him?

And before anyone asks, yes, I am in my first year of college.


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  • No, if you aren't attracted to him in a physical way then it's not a romantic relationship.

  • Everyone's different; it sounds like you like him. The attraction is there, especially when you said that being close to him makes your heart beat faster. Plus, you don't want him dating other girls, which is a good sign.
    It sounds like you like him :)

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